About Us

Trails End Buffalo Stix was founded in 2004 by Kevin and Judy Wilkinson. They realize there was a need for a natural, healthy snack that was truly delicious and 100% Canadian.

In January 2024 the reins were passed over to Ron, Twila, Shane, and Shianna. We are beyond excited and grateful for this new venture.

Welcome to our family. With a strong commitment to hard work and a love for family, friends, and good food. We run a family farm in Saskatchewan and we are excited to share our story with you.

Working directly with food scientists, we developed a delicious, low-fat, protein-packed snack made from ground smoked bison, cranberries, and brown sugar that contains zero gluten, soy, and nitrates. In fact, we are currently the first federally inspected jerky product in Canada that has been approved to not use nitrates as an ingredient.

We are very hands-on when it comes to the manufacturing process, and continue to travel to Saskatoon to a federally inspected facility where our product is manufactured. We go to cut and help pack thousands of Buffalo Stix by hand. That’s how we ensure that every single Stix shipped out to our customers meets our high level of quality control.


What Makes Buffalo Stix Truly Unique

Our snack is unique from other jerky products in that it is healthier – bison is higher in protein and iron, and lower in fat compared to beef – and tastes better. Made here in Canada with only the finest select cuts of federally inspected western Canadian bison, our Cranberry Craze Buffalo Stix are hickory smoked to create a soft, moist jerky product that is delicious and easy to chew.

Plus, the bison are raised without hormones or antibiotics, so you can trust that you are getting a truly natural snack that contains only quality ingredients for you and your family.

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